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About Acra

ACRA is a voluntary, non-profit making and non-party political organisation. It was founded, in Dublin, on the 27th July 1955 by residents from a number of areas.

While the founders were, initially, focused on getting local authorities “to take their estates in charge”; ACRA quickly grew into the National Body for Residents’ Associations and, today, represents the rights and interests of residents throughout the country at a national level.

Since the 1950’s, Irish society has become more complex, home ownership has increased enormously and people’s expectations from their homes and their local environment have changed drastically.

In order to best address these changes, a strong national body is necessary. ACRA is this national body and provides

– A national forum for the formulation of effective solutions to the problems facing residents’ associations.

– A research capability ensuring that these agreed solutions are carefully refined before being presented.

– A supporting function for local and national government(s) to ensure that these refined solutions are adopted and, more importantly, implemented on a timely basis.

The past 50 years have shown the success and achievements of ACRA, and we look forward to working for the community in the next 50 years. If you would like to know more about ACRA please see ACRA – Working in the Community or would like to join please see How to Join ACRA.

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