ACRA Benefits for Residents Associations

Residents’ Associations are now needed more than ever to protect the interest of the householder. As the family home creates no income it should not be taxed. The family home has already so much expense in its day-to-day running. Then there is the expense of maintaining and up keeping of the home. Then there can be the sudden extra occasion cost etc. when some appliance breaks down. There are enough of opportunities from income and indirect taxes to pay for these services and taxes.

Throughout the years all residents Association affiliated to ACRA fully backed our stand against taxing the family home. Our stance came from the views of Residents Associations. We will still be campaigning for a fairer system than is proposed with the Local Property Tax. If disposable income is eroded too much, an economy will find it difficult to recover or it will take a long time to do so. It may result in thousands having to immigrate and the pain this entails for many families. It’s a tax that should be property debated and all options looked at and not forced upon us. The big question now is where will it stop. Waste, big problem everywhere, reducing it hurts nobody. We would like your views on this.

Here are some of the issues that ACRA undertake representing Residents Associations

1. Protecting the family home from unnecessary taxation.

2. Representing the concerns of Residents Associations to Local Authorities. At Ministerial meetings on Ground Rent, services charges, law and order, housing and social affairs.

3. Provides special rate insurance for Residents Associations.

4. Provide guidance and advice to Residents Associations.

5. To Encourage Residents Associations to be active in their own area.

6. Help in providing a transport solution for the Country.

7. Seeking a better solution to make life better and safer for L-Drivers.

8. A novel idea for discussion to avoid taxing the family home the 1% levy. It’s PCP method, Per Centage Payment.

The main reason why we need Residents Associations to join us. Is to make us stronger and give us a stronger voice. We always take on as much as possible the concerns of residents. It’s done in a democratic way.

Thanks for your interests. Call us at any time and we can further exchange views.

ACRA Team.