Best Rail Gauge 13

Rail gauge is a very important element in a transport solution for Dublin. The rail network must be designed to accommodate as many trains users as possible when over 60% of cars entering Dublin daily come from outside the city’s 10-mile radius. The biggest volume of cars come into city are on M1. This road has a major rail line running beside it, Dundalk line. This line can only take up to four trains an hour because its restricted by the Dart line. This Dundalk line could take over twelve trains an hour if not restricted by the East Coast Dart. This problem can be solved quite easily if standard rail gauge is used to link the Airport, then the extra trains can come in via the Airport on new line using standard rail gauge. If Metro Luas gauge is used to the airport it creates an even greater problem for a transport solution. Users from North Dublin, Dundalk, Drogheda, Malahide, Howth & Blanchardstown areas must go into Connolly rail station, take a Luas to O Connell St. to get Metro to Airport and repeat this on the return trip. Other country train users will also have to change. With standard rail gauge, they all go direct to Airport without changing, a big benefit to all users.