Car 9

Car is the most important method for transporting people. With a good transport system, we can reduce car movements in cities. Dublin has a great opportunity to do this with GLink Luas, Quay Bus Contra-flow, Outer Land Use & linked up rail. G-Link Luas doubles capacity of city Luas and take many more users near destination. Quay Bus Contra-flow creates ideal interchange in centre for easy and safe transport connections. Outer Land Use reduces cars to centre with Linked rail. These four greatly reduce city car usage. Quay Bus Contra-flow operates successfully as vehicle traffic has no effect on it. Restricting cars without providing sufficient transport will cause big problems for car users. These car users will have no space on existing transport or won’t be able to change easily, restricting cars with public transport not in place causes major problems for disability users. If cars restricted park/ride must be provided as many cars come from outside the city. The cost of providing P/R, extra buses and trains etc. are very high with low efficiency. Therefore, we end up with blind planning supported by media and others that have little knowledge of transport planning. What they intend to do on the Quays & College St. by restricting cars can be avoided with a simple plan for public transport causing no problems at all. The new Quay layout on Bachelors Walk will have vehicle traffic crisscrossing with bus traffic. This crisscross adds to city congestion. By forcing traffic away from the main Quay archway without adequate public transport in place will push most of these vehicles to other streets causing even greater city congesting. This will greatly undermine commercial activity in the city. The city traders put up with enough during the five-year Luas works, now more obstruction just as the Luas works are completed with unnecessary vehicle restriction. These problems can be easily solved with a simple solution the. Quay Bus Contra-flow. We are disappointed that they planners came up with very little during the long Luas works. Cars will always be here as pollution will not be a problem with the electric car. All sides should get together and look at all the options.