3 in 1 Bus Hubs/Rolling Buses/ M50 C.O.R.E BRT

3 IN 1 Bus Hubs is a new concept to maximise bus usage on the outskirts of the city and make it attractive to encourage more use of Public Transport. This is where one bus route becomes many, links up at Hubs mainly on the outskirts. The Hub consists of a minimum of three routes […]


Dublin is a low-density sprawl city that needs an orbital solution for its commuter belt of over 70-mile & over 60% cars come from outside city’s 10-mile radius, makes underground unsustainable, because 1. Land Use Corridor is on the outskirts (most important in transport planning ideal for existing commuter movements in Greater Dublin Area, vital […]

Flaws of Metro North Rail Gauge

I have waited for a transport solution for over fifty years and now on the verge of a solution it’s about to be destroyed again on the width of a rail track or gauge. This problem has arisen because planners in the nineties decided that Ireland should have a different gauge. In the past Ireland […]


O3 designed to get maximum use from existing scarce road space for the benefit of all users to make Dublin BEST for Business Entertainment Safety Tourism. To achieve this, road space must be shared between public and private transport in a fair proportional way. Car is a vital transport component. Public Transport is greatly hampered […]

RAIL Essential link up with Standardrail gauge in O3 7

One rail link from Heuston to Belfast line via Phoenix Park rail tunnel is essential to link up whole rail network. This line from Heuston via the existing Park Rail tunnel via Brombridge to Blanchardstown (half way to Airport) then alongside M50 to Airport then to Swords and joins Belfast line at Donabate. This links […]


Park/Ride a key element in transport planning. O3 plan links up all areas of the city directly. This is very important for users who avail of Park/Ride. Without direct link up users availing of P/R take too long to get to their destination. O3 plan opens the door to more than double the number of […]


Disability users are discommoded most in today’s transport planning, Its all for the able body person. Bus stops not erected at suitable locations, Bus stops in the city well away from junctions, no suitable city interchanges, forced in all weathers for longer walks to get another bus, Luas not linked in centre to take them […]


Land Use is the most important concept in transport planning. Land use must be considered before any transport route or roads are built to blend in with the geographical layout of the city and commuter movements otherwise the planning system will end up in failure. There are three major elements Dublin needs to consider when […]

Car 9

Car is the most important method for transporting people. With a good transport system, we can reduce car movements in cities. Dublin has a great opportunity to do this with GLink Luas, Quay Bus Contra-flow, Outer Land Use & linked up rail. G-Link Luas doubles capacity of city Luas and take many more users near […]

BUS key provider in O3 Plan 6

Bus is the most valuable element in O3 transport plan. It goes through housing estates close to most users. It takes users direct to most areas in O3 & links up all modes of transport. Quay Bus Contra-flow, key element for bus enhancement, city interchanging and provides traffic free busway through the city centre without […]