Best Rail Gauge 13

Rail gauge is a very important element in a transport solution for Dublin. The rail network must be designed to accommodate as many trains users as possible when over 60% of cars entering Dublin daily come from outside the city’s 10-mile radius. The biggest volume of cars come into city are on M1. This road […]


The Broken red lines on this map are for Luas lines. Initially most of these Luas lines will be by a Luas-Bus similar as Luas but on rubber wheels until there is sufficient demand for a full Luas system and to avoid the many years it would take for planning, funding and demand. Dublin is […]

INTRODUCTION Metro Dart – Quay Bus Contra/flow

Metro Dart O3 is an Orbital concept to maximise public transport to its full potential to suit users by taking them direct to destination without going via the city centre unnecessary, benefiting all Ireland with direct access by linking up all transport modes together. All areas need to know how and when their area will […]


Metro Dart is a Transport Orbital Plan (TOP) benefiting all areas of Dublin and All Ireland for alltransport modes including Bus Rail and Luas with walking and cycling. METRO means MergingExisting Transport Routes Orbitally. This is a major change from existing transport movements that go via the centre like the spokes of a wheel. Change […]