Newton Transport Plan

Newton Transport Plan, Designed, Planned and Researched by  Tom Newton, Duncan Stewart, and Caitriona McClean

Appendix Explanation of Newton Transport Plan 4/9/23

Loop or Super loop. New concept to maximise public transport. Bus moves in a simi or full circle. Bus can operate a full circle in outer estates. Luas and rail use Loop system for better usage. Cycle Box (CHOB). Priority and safe measure for cyclists mainly on Quays. Designed like existing yellow box just before […]

N.E.W.T.O.N. Transport Plan NTP   A Super Loop System

National Environmental Web Transport, Orbital Network is an acronym. Orbital Web System direct to all areas Trans-Connects connecting all Transport.       Newton Transport Plan, a new concept to address the main flaw in public transport the radial system, all via the centre with a web orbital network by linking up all transport in a balance way. […]

Cycleways, cyclists, E-bikes, E-scooters, Pedestrians.

With car numbers and population increasing, many cars do just over 2K per usage, measures must be put in place to reduce car movements, ease traffic congestion before city reaches full gridlock. Public Transport will play a major role in this aim, but it will fall far short without the cycling family. For the cycling […]

10 Bus (Should) Commands. City Solution S.S.T. CPM

Bus City Centre Solution S.S. Transport CPM for cycling The city centre is key to public transport success. Like shopping centres etc., they are not effective without an anchor tenant. Bus Public Transport is no different, it needs a starting point, city centre terminal to be effective and efficient. Outer terminals evolve as cities expands […]