3 Main Loops in Public Transport & 3 Element Flaws

Plan for Dublin benefiting all Ireland, direct rail to Dublin Airport from all areas with rail. Bus Loops, Quay Bus Contraflow Loop in the city centre along the Quays, see map 1, and the outer bus loops. These will maximise public transport bus use in Dublin. This bus contraflow on the Quays is the best […]

New City bus Plan delays bus and Luas

The new bus plan for Dublin city centre by Dublin City Council and Bus Connects will severely hinder Luas, delay buses and further delay other Luas lines into Dublin centre.  This problem is caused by taking almost one thousand bus trips per day that used Dame Street and divert them onto the Quays and onto […]

Why Metro Dart is better than Metro Link (No Costly Underground)

The principle of movement is direct. Roads are most important route of travel, they have more than one option, to deal with accidents, holdups, or delays. Car, most attractive use of travel. Principles of public transport usage are 1. Suit users. 2. Put vehicles where needed 3. Balance transport. It is essential for public transport […]

Metro Dart Advantages (Over 100)

10 – Fold Advantage for Swords (Airport) Metro Dart has a ten-fold advantage for people living in Swords. 1. Two ways to city centre. 2. Direct access North Dublin and areas along Belfast line. 3. Direct access to areas along Malahide line. 4. Direct access to Dun Laoire and Wexford lines. 5.Direct access to Cork […]

Metro Dart (Text)

One of the biggest complaints we have heard over the years, there is no rail to Airport. Many efforts have been made to address this problem. Main suggestion was to build a rail from Belfast line to Airport.  One from Kinsaley direction the other from Donabate, both failed for several reasons, mainly no capacity on […]

Flaws of Metro Link

Problems. All areas have major traffic and transport problems, steadily getting worse.Solution. An overall integrated inexpensive public transport network suiting all users

Introduction Newton Transport Plan – Metro Dart O3

NEWTON (National Environmental Web Transport Orbital Network) Transport Plan NTP is a simple fully integrated Orbital public transport system for Greater Dublin Area benefiting all Dublin, adjoining counties, most of Ireland, users with disabilities, with safety as paramount. Putting car out of city without adequate public transport, pushes problems elsewhere makes city less safe, penalises […]