Details of each route on overall Luas and rail map

  1. Outer Luas Orbital & Branches 1 on map. This orbital starts at Saggart, via Baldonnell and Peamount on new road SR51 to rail station at Lucan Adamstown (vital station in plan for country use), via Barnhall, to Leixlip W. Interchange to Intel Leixlip station. Then along new proposed Service Road SR51 to Clonee Interchange, then Ongar Rd. Blanchardstown Rd. S. to Blanchardstown Centre, from there to Mulhuddart via Church Rd.  Cruiserath Rd. Ballycoolin Rd, to Finglas rail station on M50, around via the   R122, R108 (Airport carparks), Old Airport Rd. through Airport to Cloghran Cross via Stockhole Lane to Clonshaugh Junction, then via M1 Swords Rd. Drumcondra Rd. Upper/Lower, Belvidere Rd. Belvidere Pl. Mountjoy Sq. N. Gardiner St. Mid. Parnell St. Marlborough St. Abbey St. Lr. on existing Line to Point. across East Link Br. Sean Moore Rd. Strand Rd. Parade Avenue, Nutley Lane, UCD, Mount Anville Rd. Taney Rd, Dundrum, Churchtown Rd., Breamor Rd. Dodder Park Rd. Dodder Junction. Rathfarnham Rd. Willbrook Rd. Ballyboden Rd. Ballyboden Way, Scholarstown Rd. M50 Station, Killininny Rd, Firehouse Rd W. Whitestown Rd. to Tallaght Station, then on existing Luas line to Saggart. This completes the outer Luas orbital. Two branches (a) Clonshaugh Junction to Finglas via R139, Grange Rd. Kilbarrack Rd. to Howth Junction rail station, then Howth Rd, Station Rd Raheny, Springdale Rd. Tonlegee Rd. Oscor Traynor Rd. Kilmore Rd. Kilbarron Rd. through Beaumont hospital, Beaumont Rd. Collins Avenue, Ballymun Rd. Sharing line 4. via Finglas Rd. to Finglas Station M50. (b) Branch from Sydney Parade to city centre via Ballsbridge, Baggott St. and Stephen’s Green.
  2. Lucan Luas & Branches, 2 on map. Starts at College Green HUB, via Dame St. Thomas St. Stephen’s Lane, in through Heuston Station to link platform 10, for Park Tunnel trains. alongside N4 via Ballyfermot onto N4 through Palmerstown, Liffey Valley, Lucan By-Pass, Celbridge Rd into Adamstown rail station. Two Branches (a) Liffey Valley to Blanchardstown Centre via M50 and (b) to Dodder Junction from Liffey Valley via Fonthill Rd, Nangor Rd. New Nangor Rd. Convent Rd. Clondalkin village, Monastery Rd. into Luas station at Red Cow, along existing Luas line to Kylemore stop, then via Walkinstown Ave. Peters Rd. Templeville Rd. Dodder Valley Rd. to Dodder Junction.
  3. Red Luas line, 3 on map. Connolly Station and Point Village to Tallaght and Saggart. These Luas lines already exists. A new stop on Red Luas line at Fox and Geese. A big distance between stops, already a suitable crossing there
  4. Green Luas & Extensions, 4 on map. Existing line from Broombridge to Bride’s Glen. Four Extensions, (a) to Finglas, from Broombridge rail station via Broombridge Rd, Ballyboggan Rd or Tolka Valley Park, Finglas Rd to join Outer Luas Line 1, at Finglas rail station on M50. (b) Extension to Dublin Airport, from Broombridge via Broombridge Rd. Ballyboggan Rd or Tolka Valley Park, Old Finglas Rd. Tolka Estate R102, Griffith Avenue Ext. Ballymun Rd, R108, Old Airport Rd. (c) Green Luas extended from Brides Glen to Bray Dart line at Shanganagh, and (d) from Brides Glen to Dun Laoghaire Dart station via Wyattville Rd. Church Rd. Avon Dale Rd. Albert Rd. Glastule Rd. George’s St. and Marine Rd.
  5. Luas City Orbital (G-Link Luas), 5 on map. Linking the Green Luas line from Fatima to the Red Line at Dockland Station, Spencer Dock via Ruben St. or Marrowbone Lane, Cork St. Dean St. Kevin St. Cuffee St. Stephen Green station, Merrion Row, Merrian St. Cumberland St. S. linking Pearce St. rail station, Pearse Street, Erne St. Lime St. Quays, and across Samuel Beckett Br.
  6. Rathfarnham Luas, 6 on map. Starts at College Green HUB via Dame St. Lord Edward St. Nicholas St. Patrick St. Clanbrassil St. Harold’s Cross Rd. Terenure Rd. Dodder Junction, Rathfarnham Rd. Willbrook Rd. Ballyboden Rd. Ballyboden Way, Scholarstown Rd. Killininny Rd. Firehouse Rd. W. Whitestown Way to Tallaght. The Line from Tallaght to Dodder Junctions is shared with outer Luas 1 on map.
  7. Rail, Existing and proposed (mainline/Dart/heavy rail) 7 on map. All rail lines in Dublin are being upgraded to Dart. Linking Cork to Sligo line from Adamstown to Intel. See M50 Dart and Southwest Metro Dart.
  8. Missing Rail Link, M50 Dart 8 on map. A Dart rail line mostly on the centre median of M50. 2 branches from M50 (a) east of Ballymun Interchange, Through Airport (underground) Dublin Rd. to Swords, Swords By-pass to the Estuary and across to Donabate junction on virgin land to join the Dundalk rail line at Donabate rail Junction. The second (b) from M50 junction 17 to Wexford/Bray rail line at Shanganagh.  Suitability designed stations along M50.
  9. Service Road SR51 N7 to M1 9 on map. Most of this outer service Road is in place. It needs a new road section from Clonee Interchange to Intel in Leixlip through farmland. This links up the N7 to the M3, creating a second road orbital for Dublin. This road will also facilitate outer Luas orbital.
  10. South West Metro Dart, 10 on map. This is the continuation of existing East coast Dart, underground from Spencer Dock in Docklands rail Station to Intel Leixlip creating an outer orbital Dart line, via Burg Quay (city centre) with one entrance for Tara Street rail station and second entrance for O Connell Bridge, then under Westmorland St, Grafton St. with underground station at Stephen’s Green under Luas station, then under Harcourt St. under Rathmines Rd. Rathmines Upper (station underground),  under Highfield Rd, Rathgar, under Terenure Rd. East, Terenure, under Rathfarnham Road to Dodder Junction (underground station), then under Dodder Valley (river bank) and Tempelogue Rd. coming to surface before Spa Well M50 junction 11. From there it links up with M50 Dart (vital for M50 Dart) and continues centre median on Tallaght By-Pass to Tallaght station adjacent to the Square. Then continues south on centre median, turns up Cookstown Rd. Cheeverstown Rd (10A on map), on Outer Ring Road, all on centre median linking into Kildare mainline rail, at Kishoge rail station, then through Lucan Adamstown station, branches off via Barnhall Leixlip and joins the Sligo rail line at Intel Leixlip. This completes an outer Dart line around Dublin.
  11. Motorway Rail, 11 not on map. This is an inexpensive way to build rail. It avoids much of the cost in building a rail line. Land available, bridges built, no property delays etc. One is needed on the N11 as the existing Wexford line is at risk of rock fall and sea erosion, and it is only a single line with massive demand in the southeast area of Ireland. Another is needed on the M7 due to demand. A third is needed on the M1 for similar reasons, as is the Navan rail line. This is all part of a Metro Dart O3 solution. There is nothing written in stone.