Disability users are discommoded most in today’s transport planning, Its all for the able body person. Bus stops not erected at suitable locations, Bus stops in the city well away from junctions, no suitable city interchanges, forced in all weathers for longer walks to get another bus, Luas not linked in centre to take them near their destination. Now proposing underground even more difficult for disable users, overloading of Luas. Now restricting cars in certain areas, as many disable users must be taken by car. These are the many obstacles disable users must put up with. The plight of disable users should be a priority in planning. O3 is designed to address most of these problems for disable users. If the system is good for disable users it’s great for all. Most of the planners are able body people and they seem to forget about users with a disability. Many people in Ireland have some form of a disability. It seems, it’s all for cyclist and little for disable users. O3 provides a balance for all users.