Easier City Access

A city is judged on how easy it is to get around it. Dublin even in the smaller category of city
sizes is difficult enough to get around. Metro Dart O3 Plan sets out to address this difficulty.
The most affected by difficult access are mainly users with a disability. These accounts for
almost one third of users. Central public toilets are an essental part of Metro Dart Plan.

Quay Bus Contraflow is main solution, it brings all public transport modes near each other.
This reduces unnecessary junction crossings for many and allows users easier access to their
connection routes. Quay Bus Contraflow allows better use of footpaths and board walks.
The locaton of Taxi ranks easier to access and easier for taxi to access more areas quicker.
Cyclist benefts in this plan with more cycle statons and safe cycling parking areas. allowing
e-bikes & e-scooters, with C.H.O.B. priority cycle way on Quays. Cycle Headway Orange Box

New street layout for buses in many streets will make it easier for cyclist and Taxi to access
their destinations. At Heuston, Nassau St. two-way busway allowing Taxi and Cyclists have
easier access in that area avoiding a longer detour. Another area with a similar problem is
from Baggott St. to Stephen’s Green. This is addressed with a busway via Merrion Row that
also allows cyclists and taxi to use it. Pearse St. two way for buses maximising scarce space.
Cyclist will play a greater role in a city transport solution. A new concept to encourage more
use of cycling, allow some users with the extra Dublin bikes take the bike to work and back.

Walking space is very important in the city, footpath space is scarce. This is addressed with
Quay Bus Contraflow as it utilises the boardwalks and bus passengers will alight on the
Quayside leaving more space on the building side benefiting users with a disability. The
Metro Dart Plan avoids taking users into the city unnecessary to go out again, reducing
numbers in city centre leaving more footpath space for those who need it, including tourist.

G-Link Luas from Fatima to Docklands rail staton via Stephen’s Green completes the Inner
Circle. This is vital for easier access and to reduce unnecessary taking up footpath space.
This inner orbital takes users close to most areas in the city centre area. This is great for all
and especially for business access. Luas makes it easier to go back and forth. A business,
person goes to one store or business and then must go back to another, becomes easier
with the Inner Luas circle that goes both ways for the shortest way and they are frequent.

Another major problem for business and easy access, is protest and marches etc. Metro
Dart O3 is designed to avoid main protest areas and easier rerouting not to disrupt the
travelling public and keep up confidence in the city. These delays have effects on outlying
areas with buses etc. being delayed. Plan allows users to get around city during these delays

The big access benefit of Metro Dart O3, it addresses the main problem in Public Transport,
Radial System all via centre, that exists in most cites (some partly addressed). By addressing
this problem makes Public Transport more attractive and accessible. This plan allows users
going to the countryside from outskirts can access their train etc. without going into centre.
This saves time and avoids using up scare passenger seats. Linking up essental part of full
Metro Dart Plan for easier access. Civic Plaza designed not to push problems to other areas.
By getting city centre right reduces need for major road works for incoming public transport.