G-Link Luas

G-Link or Green Link is a section of Luas line of two parts from Fatima to Dockland
rail station via Stephens Green. G-Link, key element for a successful transport plan.
1.Fatima to Stephens Green.1.25mls. 2 Stephens Green to Dockland Stn. 2.35mls.
just over 3.5 miles in total. G-Link maximises efficiency of Luas in the city centre.

Part 1. Ensures Luas has the capacity to take all users arriving at Heuston from any
number of trains or buses. Its design ensures every second Luas passing Heuston in
both directions will have enough spare capacity. This line operates via Cork St. and
Kevin St. to Stephens Green (see map in Metro Dart O3).

Part 2. Ensures users arriving at Dockland Rail Station are taken quickly and direct
to Stephens Green from Dockland rail Station via Samuel Beckett Bridge, Barrow St.
Herbert Pl. and Baggott St.to Stephens Green.

This G-Link Luas is so vital to a transport solution for Dublin. It fully revitalises the
Dockland Rail Station and utilises this vital rail space to its full potential to benefit all
areas of Ireland maximising the whole rail network system in Dublin.
This G-Link has several other advantages including direct red line to Stephens
Green and Direct Green line to new children’s hospital and Heuston rail station.
It also greatly reduces unnecessary user movements through the city centre. It will
greatly reduce the need for the Dart Inter-Interconnector. It’s a vital element in a
transport solution for the Greater Dublin Area at little cost.