How to Form a Residents’ Association

If you are a sizable group of householders with a common interest and need a Central voice you may wish to consider forming your own Residents’ Association. The following guidelines may help you to undertake the task.

Householders wishing to form their own Association should commence by contacting neighbouring householders in their vicinity. The aims and objectives of forming an Association should be clearly explained to all potential members.

The organizers should decide when and where to call the first meeting and advise all those interested accordingly.

At your first meeting a temporary Chairperson and Secretary should be appointed.

The meeting may then proceed to discuss why they wish to form a Residents’ Association. A vote should be taken on the issue and if the majority are in favor of going ahead a second meeting should be convened and an Agenda compiled. All potential members should be notified of this further meeting and a copy of the Agenda should be sent to them.

The Agenda should state the purpose of the meeting, i.e. to elect an Executive Committee and draft a Constitution. In regard to the Constitution it may be helpful to note that a sample as provided by ACRA can be used as a precedent and copies of it can be supplied on request. Amendments to this can be made to suit your own particular needs.

At this point you should consider that you Residents’ Association has been established and you may look forward to fulfilling an ever-increasing and important function in your community for the future.


It is advisable that a Residents’ Association should clearly define its boundaries. The ideal number 0/ households should be a maximum of approximately 500 houses. However circumstance may dictate otherwise.