Introduction Newton Transport Plan – Metro Dart O3

Newton Transport Plan is a fully integrated Orbital public transport system for Greater Dublin Area benefiting all Dublin, most of Ireland and particularly for users with disabilities. Aims to combat Climate Change by reducing car trips, taking users direct, to any destination, for long distant users, workers, students, and access to hospitals etc on outskirts on time. Main features of plan are for rail, bus, and Luas with priority for cycling and pedestrians. 

Rail will be a Metro Dart with standard rail gauge vital for linking up, like Dart and mainline rail gage. By linking existing rail facilities allows plan to be completed in half the time at half the cost as it is mainly overground. It allows for more rail lines into Dublin to reduce cars.  With direct rail access in Dublin more people will be able to live at home in the country.  There will be three orbitals in Dublin, Inner rail Luas, Median rail M50 Dart, Outer rail Luas. Metro Dart allows a direct Cork Belfast link and trebles trains at peak time on Dundalk line. 

Bus. A new system for bus usage, the loop system, which is an orbital bus network. The bus system in the city centre is a loop system maximising bus use in the city centre, takes up minimum road space, prevents bus choking city centre and addresses the main flaws in public transport, not getting a seat, passed along the route, and waiting (hated by all users). Buses on the outskirts will also avail of the Loop system to maximise and address frequency problems. If a person lives in Enfield they have on average one bus an hour, if they live at Capel St., they have over forty an hour, they can walk, cycle, get taxi and have Luas. This Loop systems greatly reduces bus numbers crossing Luas lines and delaying Luas trams.

Luas. A great public transport system. Newton Transport Plan links it up as an inner Luas orbital. This takes users within walking distance of any area in the city centre. This Luas loop (G-Link) will be needed more than ever when Maynooth and Kildare lines are upgraded to Dart to disperse users from extra trains arriving at Heuston Connolly and Dockland stations. This plan allows for new Luas lines to entre city from Lucan, Rathfarnham. and Santry.  Technology is improving so fast, trackless trams will be part of the future, no tracks.    

Rail Gauge, why it is so important. Proposed Metro Link is using narrow or Luas rail gauge.  This gives Swords users access mainly to city centre (Airport beside them). If users from Swords want to go to north Dublin or Drogheda by rail, they must go into the centre to get a train back out again. Users from Drogheda for the Airport must do the same in reverse. With Standard rail gauge (Metro Dart), users can go anywhere there is rail. Swords and other rail users have up to ten times more advantages with Metro Dart. Users from all Ireland, Dublin that have rail will have direct access to all Dublin and Dublin Airport with standard rail gauge. E-scooters. They will be part of a future transport solution, for the first and Last mile on way to work, they will be allowed on public transport and for school going. Dublin is a changing city with many more living in countryside and working Dublin’s outskirts.

As Metro Dart is a balanced orbital system it won’t unduly influence property values. It is designed that there are two ways to most destinations to avoid delays due to accidents etc. Principle of Public Transport.  It must be designed to suit the commuter.  Reduce the main flaw in public transport the Radial System, all via centre. Tom Newton Transport Officer 24