Land Use is the most important concept in transport planning. Land use must be considered before any transport route or roads are built to blend in with the geographical layout of the city and commuter movements otherwise the planning system will end up in failure. There are three major elements Dublin needs to consider when planning transport. 1. Location of land available. 2. Commuters movements. 3. Balance. Dublin is fortunate as the land use corridor is on the outskirts of the city from Tallaght to Airport via Blanchardstown. Over 60% of car commuters come from a 70-mile commuter belt. Now the jobs of the future with technology can be in this orbital corridor to create a transport Balance for the city. O3 has the potential with outer land use to reduce cars to centre by 40%. Public Transport and a service road SR51 is needed to make this land Corridor work to reduce traffic congestion locally and on M50 while maximising road space use for the benefit of all users. SR51 is a service road facilitating outer land use corridor for future business and activities that a city needs for balance with easy access from all areas. It intersects all motorways into Dublin. Dublin is fortunate to have this land belt on the outskirts as it creates balance a city needs. This location is even a better solution than improving public transport as car users from the countryside come just to the outskirts for work and city users go from the city outwards for work in this land corridor. This reduces vehicle overloading on scarce road space in the city