Major Flaws in Metro Link 29523

  1. Rail Gauge. With a different rail gauge, it can’t link up the whole network.
  2. If it goes ahead with a different rail gauge, a new rail line will be needed from Malahide to
    city centre for Drogheda Dart, extra Dundalk and Northern trains, idle off peak.
  3. In wrong location, now we will have four rail option on east side of Dublin. 1. Metro itself, 2.
    Existing Dart. 3. Extra Dart line (beside existing Dart). 4. Port tunnel suitable for Luas.
  4. Radial. The most ineffective system for a public transport solution.
  5. Port Tunnel is already there, it can facilitate a Luas. Dublin Port may move to Braemore.
  6. Extremely Costly. Cost very high for a low return.
  7. Too long to complete, delaying an overall solution.
  8. It will delay other areas getting a solution, some may never get one because of this.
  9. Costs risks, due to long time to complete, cost may rise, or a major recession can happen.
  10. By been radial, it sucks in cycle and bus users.
  11. It will cause double use, where users will need another form of transport to get to Metro.
  12. Radial minuses usage, with one way use, everybody goes via the centre.
  13. Facilitates too many near the centre.
  14. It will reduce car movements by just over one per cent (1%).