Metro Dart 03, Induction Congestion, Double Usage, LUAS West/S. M50 Aid

Induction Congestion is inducing more vehicles to M50, more users on public transport for
centre to go out again, Double Use, caused by Motorways and Radial System (all via centre).
Luas coped untl linked then overloaded. Users induced and atracted from all areas causing
Transport Inducton Congeston (overloading & reverse waste). Will happen to Metro Link.
Bus Connects & all transport routes with Double Usage. Solved by city interchanges, Orbital
public transport, LUAS West/S, Bus Connects, Land Use. Traffic-light Congestion Control TCC
or M.A.S.S. Motorway Adjusting Speed Signals, until Service Road SR51, built. Metro Dart 03
Plan designed that Bus; Rail & Luas don’t undermine each other. Cross city buses wasteful.
We can have a wonderful system for one area or a great system for all areas for same cost.

Land Use most important in transport planning. Dublin’s Land Bank Corridor on the outskirts
potental for 250,000 jobs, needs a vital Service Road SR51 parallel to M50 for accessibility,
where Industrial estates (replaced by housing) are moved to & new businesses set up there.
Linked by computers. Cars from Countryside come to this corridor, go back when fnished,
this reduces congeston & allows more country living. Motorways main cause of congeston.
SR51 (self-fnances) eases M50 trafc and local congeston, allows for a Bus Way on M50.
In any soluton an overall plan should be visible for equable expansion in a sustainable way

METRO DART (Merging Existng Transport’s Radial Orbitals with Direct Access Route Travel)
is soluton for Dublin’s low-density sprawl city. Car remains vital part of any soluton, with,
Park/Ride & car-pooling. Public Transport will reduce cars by an extra 10%. Dublin’s layout
best for on street soluton by Quay Bus Contrafow, (reduces city bus congeston) Bus U-turn
System, Rolling Termini, M50 Bus CORE, Bus 3 in I Local orbitals, Bus 1 Use, Bus DEW, BRT
Loops, PAC. Time Link Hubs. Orbital Rail & Luas (BEST) & overfow Luas lines, suitng users.
Restoring centre bus terminals. Luas strategically located through Dublin complemented by
Bus & G-Link Luas, initially Luas-Bus until Luas is justified. Metro Dart Orbital 3 facilitates all.
Deals with future traffic, flexible, D.D.T. Reduces delays due to protests and traffic, creates
Balance for city and all transport modes. City Interchange vital for 16 Bus corridors by NTA.

This is 17th attempt in my time since 1966 they all failed because of radial system faw and
Isolated Planning, where projects are prioritised, undermining an overall transport solution.
Quay Bus Contraflow facilitates Civic Plaza without undermining buses or congesting centre.
Metro Link wonderful but causes major problems for other areas, undermines mainline rail.
Provincial bus and country rail can reach full potental in Metro Dart O3 with outskirt access.
Standard gauge vital to linkup mainline rail direct to Dublin Airport from all areas of Ireland.
Tolerances level. Trans-Connects, links all transport modes. Diferent Startng Times (DST).
Maximises space. Bus Key, all other modes ft in as proposed. Dockland Stn. vital. Throwing
money at any soluton, wasteful if main problem, radial is not addressed. Metro Dart O3 or
NEWTON New Easy Way Transport Orbital Network Plan allows all modes assist each other.
SAVE BUS Suitable Area Vehicle Enclosure. Bus U-turn System. Cycle ways, pedestrian br.
extra path space, Toilets. L.U.A.S. Links Up All Systems. Link road to New Children’s hospital.
Massive bus waste in Merrion SQ/UCD, many in wrong place wrong directon at wrong tme.
Solutons won’t work if problems not addressed Staf work-outs No white elephant planning Tom Newton ACRA 086 3127364 (2012)2018