Metro Dart Better than Metro (Link) & N/W Corridor

The ten (10) main reasons why Metro Dart is better than Metro (Link).

  1. Serves all areas of Dublin and Ireland that has rail and Luas or will have Luas.
  2. Allows all areas with rail have direct access to Dublin Airport.
  3. Allows trains on Dundalk line to more than treble, with an hourly service to Belfast.
  4. All other lines have potential to double train use, with a direct Cork to Belfast service
  5. Allows for a train service from Navan to Dublin on existing line via Drogheda.
  6. Allows train users on the Malahide Dart line direct access to Airport, Blanchardstown
    and to all stations on the Belfast line without coming into the city centre. It allows
    access on all trains to country areas without going into the city centre unnecessary.
  7. Allows Malahide line direct access to Airport area and increases its capacity by 20%.
  8. Avoids need for the Dart Interconnector. No need to Double the Malahide rail line.
  9. It allows for completion of Dart around Dublin on M50. New Dart line to Wicklow.
  10. The cost works out at one third the cost of Metro Link, can be completed in a far
    shorter time span. It increases efficiency of rail, creates more opportunities for
    Park/Ride and addresses the main flaw in Public Transport all via the centre. It
    greatly reduces Transport Induction Congestion and allows for double use of trains.
    Swords will have five-fold advantages with Metro Dart over Metro (Link).

By building the missing rail link from Blanchardstown to join the Belfast line at Donabate
allows all the above benefits to be fully operative, benefiting all Dublin and all of Ireland that
have rail with direct linking greatly reduces travelling time, a great benefit for users with any
type of a disability. With this system users on Belfast line can go direct to the Airport area,
with Metro Link users on the Belfast line must go to Connolly rail station get a Dart to Tara
St. to catch the Metro back out to the Airport further overloading Belfast line. Dart will be
wonderful when upgraded to new comfortable rail carriages. Dart has been very successful.
Users on the Dart wouldn’t change for any other system. Dublin will have too many radial
rail routes into Dublin. 4 double rail lines into Dublin, local and country, with one more in
the pipeline, the Navan Line. 3 Luas lines with at least two more direct Luas lines into the
centre with at least 2 more Metro Lines underground. All these together will not be a
solution or solve the traffic congestion because of Transport Induction Congestion.
Therefore, we are putting forward a simple transport solution called the ACRA or Metro
Dart O3 plan. Its an orbital system linking up with all existing radial routes to maximise
Public Transport usage by taking users direct to destination. To do this a Service Road SR51
is needed to allow space on the M50 to facilitate Public Transport for both bus and rail:

North West Rail Corridor. Dublin to Derry.

An opportunity to build a North West Rail Corridor serving Donegal and Derry on the centre
of the proposed North West Motorway from the N2 to Derry via A5. The cost of the rail is
least expensive if built on the centre of the Motorway. The preliminary work, land purchase,
compensation, bridges built, all done for the Motorway. With the rail piggy backing in the
centre reduces the cost of building the rail by almost eighty-five (85%) per cent. This would
cover a big area of Ireland that has no rail at all. This is thinking outside the box.