Metro Dart is a Transport Orbital Plan (TOP) benefiting all areas of Dublin and All Ireland for all
transport modes including Bus Rail and Luas with walking and cycling. METRO means Merging
Existing Transport Routes Orbitally.

This is a major change from existing transport movements that go via the centre like the spokes of a wheel. Change is essential as more activities and businesses are moving to the outskirts. Without this change public transport users must go into the centre, back out again to their destination making travel day long or prohibitive forcing them to use the car.

This orbital concept can be done quickly at little cost as most of the infrastructure is already in place just needs to be linked up. This orbital system connects all radial routes, for users to take the shortest route to their destination.

This system allows the three main transport modes Bus, Rail and Luas to operate in orbital form known as O3. It’s essential to use similar rail gauge to link up rail network for maximum efficiency. If different gauge is used for Metro North, it totally undermines a full integrated plan. Luas plays vital role in Metro Dart by linking up in orbital form in the centre area with G-Link to disperse any number of commuters coming into city by rail or bus.

It takes them close to most destinations, good for all but great for users with a disability. Luas also plays a great roll in many other areas throughout the city to link up the full transport network. Initially some of these Luas routes will be operated by a Luas-Bus This is a bus designed like a Luas on wheels. All Luas routes can be implemented at same time, initially with a Luas-bus (L-B), until the line becomes a full Luas line in time. This allows whole Luas network to be completed and not delayed while Luas rail is being constructed or having to wait until sufficient demand arises to justify it.