The Broken red lines on this map are for Luas lines. Initially most of these Luas lines will be by a Luas-Bus similar as Luas but on rubber wheels until there is sufficient demand for a full Luas system and to avoid the many years it would take for planning, funding and demand. Dublin is a changing city with more activities moving to the outskirts etc. Public transport must adjust to cater for this demand by taking users direct with Time Linking Hubs Key. Luas-Bus is a BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) system.

  1. G-Link Luas from Fatima to Stephens Green 1.25 miles. Most important section in the Luas network for city centre. Its design ensures Luas has capacity to disperse all trains & buses users arriving at Heuston. 1A. Completes city Luas orbital to maximise all bus & train usage in city area. Revitalises Dockland Station. 1B. Luas to Poolbeg.
  2. Known as M50 Dart, links mainline rail to Dublin Airport from Blanchardstown (as Heuston line goes that far) then to Swords and Donabate. This links up all rail lines to Airport. Malahide line goes into city via Airport on M50 Dart line upgraded to Dart.
  3. Dodder Luas from Tallaght to Dundrum will be, initially a Luas-Bus via Whitestown Way, Firehouse Road West, Firehouse Road, Butterfield Avenue, The Fairways, Dodder Park Road to Dundrum. 3A. From Dundrum to Barrow St. via UCD, RTE, St. Vincent hospital and Ballsbridge, joining up with G-Link at Barrow St. Dart station.
  4. A new section of mainline rail from Leixlip to Lucan Adamstown rail station to link up the Sligo line with the Cork/Kildare line, three miles. 4A. New Luas line, Saggart to Lucan Adamstown station, 3.5 miles. This completes the orbital rail link up on the outskirts. Adamstown Statin a key Interchange in Metro Dart.
  5. Luas-Bus line, Broombridge Interchange to Swords via DCU, Ballymun and Dublin Airport. 5A. Dual rail, using one of the mainline tracks with an extra rail as a one-way Luas line to Broombridge and back into city via Grangegorman Luas line.
  6. Black broken line from Saggart N7 to M1 at Airport is a new outer service road SR51. This services outer orbital Industrial corridor on the outskirts of Dublin. This reduces local and M50 congestion. It’s a road to service future industry in this corridor. It has a potential for up to 250,000 jobs in this corridor in office block living format. This road is vital for provincial bus users to access areas on outskirts within their travel tolerance time, as no additional time required to get to destinations on the outskirts. 6A. Extend Luas from Bride Glenn to Shankill Dart station, 1.5miles.
  7. Lucan Luas is a three-pronged Luas line from Heuston with line 7 to Adamstown via Liffey Valley (Bus and Rail Interchange) and Lucan. 7A from Liffey Valley via Fonthill and Clonburris to Adamstown. 7B. Liffey Valley to Broombridge via Blanchardstown, Finglas and DCU. Linking mainline rail at Finglas. These routes initially by Luas-Bus.
  8. Swords and Airport to UCD via M50/R104 junction, Point Depot and Sandymount. With a vital connection to Luas at the Point Depot. This will always be a Luas-Bus.
  9. Broombridge to Howth Junction and R105 via Finglas, DCU and M50/R104 junction, linking up with East Coast Dart. This will always by a Luas-Bus.
  10. Luas-Bus (always), Liffey Valley to UCD via Kylemore Road, Terenure, Highfield Rd, linking with Milltown Luas.
  11. A Luas-Bus Line on outer Service Road SR51 from Saggart N7 to Airport M via Lucan Adamstown rail station, Leixlip rail line and intersections with M4, M3 and M2.
  12. Mainline rail from Swords to Donabate to link Belfast line. Vital rail link in network.
  13. Dunlaoghaire to Bride Glen Luas line connecting with Bus Connects from Ballsbridge.
  14. Rathfarnham Luas from Stephens Green to Dundrum via Harolds Cross, Terenure, Rathfarnham and Grange Rd. Initially by Luas-Bus