New City bus Plan delays bus and Luas

The new bus plan for Dublin city centre by Dublin City Council and Bus Connects will severely hinder Luas, delay buses and further delay other Luas lines into Dublin centre. 

This problem is caused by taking almost one thousand bus trips per day that used Dame Street and divert them onto the Quays and onto Luas line on Nassau St for no additional passengers, they are the same passengers that would have got off in Dame St. This makes no planning sense. City space is very scarce and any space available, is needed to accommodate the extra buses into the centre from Bus Connects plans.

The additional problem is that most of these buses cross the Luas line four times per trip (twice in and twice out) at peak times. In time this will become a major problem due to too many buses crossing the Luas. With cars, traffic lights can be used to hold traffic, if traffic lights are used to hold buses back, the whole bus system would be held up.

It makes no public transport planning sense to take buses out of Dame St. Busses operated very successfully in Dame Street for the past one hundred years, never any problems. These changes will interfere with the balance of bus public transport in Dublin centre. There is room for the original Civic Plaza and buses in this area. This is essential for public transport success. Public Transport is needed now more than ever.  

The Solution The solution is the Quay Bus Contraflow Loop a vital part of the Newton Transport Plan. This reduces the number of buses crossing Luas lines by over eighty (80) per cent at peak times, and benefits buses in the city centre. See plan and details on this website.

Buses worked very satisfactorily on Quayside up until 1982 when traffic on the Quays was reversed to facilitates increase in cars numbers and new car parks.

Quay Bus Contraflow has many more advantages, safety being number one, as cyclists and buses are on opposites sides. It reduces buses turning right, avoids dangerous blind spot for bus drivers when bus is turning right. By buses operating contraflow allows cyclists to be seen by bus drivers and cyclists are safer if they can be seen.

Quay Bus Contraflow Loop is even more essential to make city safer with the huge influx of e-bikes and e-scooters. It addresses main flaws in public transport. 1. Back Tracking where users go back a few stops to get bus. 2. Buses pass full along route. 3. Unreliable. 

Our concerns with delays to Luas trams were confirmed by an English transport expert. 

The main purpose of the city centre bus loop is to put buses where they are needed. With the present system almost two thirds of buses are in the wrong place in wrong direction at the wrong time at peak times. This must be addressed to allow more car users to change to public transport and meet demand. Contraflow is also vital for electric buses.