Park/Ride a key element in transport planning. O3 plan links up all areas of the city directly. This is very important for users who avail of Park/Ride. Without direct link up users availing of P/R take too long to get to their destination. O3 plan opens the door to more than double the number of trains into Dublin. With rail network linked & Dockland rail station, no extra train space needed. P/R will be needed along these rail lines to attract more car users to use public transport.

Car users tell us if public transport is suitable they would gladly use it. Linking, direct changing and taking users close to their destination, Key to attract car users. O3 is designed to make P/R suitable for bus operators to ferry users into the city network. Many facilities need to improve to make P/R suitable for users such as safety, reliability, certainty and sure of getting back. O3 addresses this by creating higher frequency services.