Public Transport flaws

  1. Radial System, like spokes of wheel, all via the centre, greater with cross city routes,
    resulting in many vehicles not where they are needed, (almost two thirds).
  2. Backtracking, the big problem for public transport users. This is caused by users going back a
    stop or two to ensure they get the bus or a seat. This results in bus leaving city centre full.
    Passes users along route, leaves public transport, unreliable and uncertain.
  3. Inefficiency, due to radial system, backtracking, duplication, out of service and dead ends.
  4. Design failure, lack of integrating, too much to centre, leads to operation inefficiencies.
  5. Lack of Balance, too many buses in some areas not enough in other areas.
  6. Different rail gauge, undermines integration of rail with unnecessary travel movements.
  7. Road space not fully utilised, for bus ways and rail in centre of road, called motor way rail.
  8. It doesn’t suit the user in many cases. It must aim to be as good as the car as possible.
  9. Blind changing, where users must wait for connections, it must be direct linking.
  10. Costs, with unnecessary extra vehicles and staff. Night service etc.