Quay Bus Contra-flow 3

This is a new bus concept in the city centre to maximise scare road space for the benefit of all road users, businesses and tourism. The Bus Contra-flow on Quays segregates bus from cyclists and vehicle traffic. It avoids existing problem on the Quays of crisscrossing where vehicle traffic cross two bus lanes to go up O Connell St. & buses cross vehicle traffic to turn right over O Connell Br. This crisscrossing adds to traffic congestion. This bus Contra-flow allows buses in and out of the city traffic free. This system has no negative effect on business as there are no shops or stores on the quayside. This allows business to operate freely on the building side. Allows people to be dropped off and business deliveries on that side without hindering bus flow. No buses cross O Connell Bridge from Bachelors walk with this system, this allows cars turn right onto O Connell Br. causing no extra capacity problems on the bridge. It works out the capacity required for buses is now filled by cars taking up same amount of road space. Cross city bus routes will be reduced as Luas expands to cover these areas, reducing duplication. Big benefit of the Bus Contra-flow it creates a main city interchange for all buses serving city centre where users have a safe bus change over. This is important for bus connections, vital for users with a disability. Greatly reduces crossing at busy junctions. No buses parked in the centre area avoiding obstruction, achieved by rolling terminals. If suitable linking public transport is provided, users will gladly change over. Great advantage of this system it gives priority to public transport without taking away road space. Single vehicle lane on Quays is sufficient to caters for essential movements the city needs.