O3 designed to get maximum use from existing scarce road space for the benefit of all users to make Dublin BEST for Business Entertainment Safety Tourism. To achieve this, road space must be shared between public and private transport in a fair proportional way. Car is a vital transport component. Public Transport is greatly hampered by the Radial System resulting in 3-fold inefficiency. This requires almost three times more buses that eat up road space. Planners usually take easy option, restrict vehicles, cause unnecessary problems to business, to users that have no other option, disability users and pushes congestion to other areas. O3 is designed to get a proportional balance between vehicle traffic and public transport. Cross city bus use is a very inefficient transport mode because with a radial city, four times more people come in at peak time and cross city has the same number of buses in & out. This inefficiency is covered up by users coming into the city unnecessary to go out again. City centre Luas orbital will take most users near destination great for disability users. This reduces many unnecessary buses in the city centre avoiding using up scarce road space. The transport system must be designed to suit the user with easy linking and interchanging. Two key elements that will make this happen, the Quay Bus Contra-flow & G-Link Luas. These will double the capacity of existing transport without taking up extra road space. These eliminate the need to restrict vehicle traffic turning right onto O Connell Bridge as with the Quay Bus Contra-flow, Buses from the Quays won’t have to turn onto O Connell bridge. G-Link Luas will also take bus users at Heuston and other areas along its route for bus to return quickly to outer destination to take in more transport users. Measures without adequate public transport, push traffic congestion to other areas causing even greater problems undermining business in heart of the city. Very little Park/Ride in present plans. Land Use vital for balance. Orbital Land Use on outskirts vital for a successful transport plan.