Sample Standing Orders for Meetings


Unless otherwise decided the Committee shall meet fortnightly/monthly and all meetings shall begin at 8.00pm and end at 1O.00pm XXXXX members shall form a quorum. If within half an hour of the time appointed for the meeting to commence a quorum is not present, the gathering will disperse.


 An Agenda shall be prepared by the Chairperson and Secretary, and shall be read by the Chairperson at the opening of each meeting. All items thereon shall take precedence over all other business. Any member desirous of introducing business for the consideration of the meeting may do so after the business of the Agenda has been completed, or may file notice of motion for inclusion on the Agenda at the next meeting.


In the event of any matter of urgency, however, the Chairperson may accept a motion for suspension of the Standing Orders. The member moving such suspension must clearly state the nature and urgency of his/her business and the length of time (not exceeding 30 minutes) he/she desires suspension to last. At the option of the meeting a further extension may be allowed, but no suspension shall take place except a two-­thirds majority vote of the members present.


The Secretary shall keep the minutes of each meeting in a suitable book, and shall record therein the proceedings of each meeting, including the attendance, full statement of resolution, and amendments proposed together with the names of the proposers and seconders; the decision on each resolution, and the voting thereon, together with a brief report of the discussion on each item on the minutes. The secretary shall read the minutes of the previous meeting, but no discussion or motion shall be allowed on the minutes except in regard to his or her accuracy. After the confirmation of the minutes, the Chairperson shall sign them and Secretary and the members shall then be a liberty to ask any question in regard to maters arising from them. Such question shall be allowed for the purposes of information only, and no debate on the policy outlined in the minutes shall take place.


When more than one member wishes to speak, the Chairperson shall indicate which has preference and the Chairperson’s decision shall be final.


If the Chairperson calls a member to order, or intervenes in the debate as Chairperson for the purpose of controlling the proceedings in any manner, the member speaking shall give way to the Chairperson. The ruling of the Chairperson on any question under the Standing Orders, or on points of order or explanation shall be final, unless challenged by not less than one third, and unless two-thirds of the members present vote to the contrary.


If any member interrupts another while addressing the meeting or uses abusive or profane language or causes disturbance at any of the meetings, and refuses to obey the Chairperson when called to order, he or she shall not be allowed to enter again until an apology satisfactory to the meeting be given. No member shall leave the meeting without the permission of the Chairperson.


Members desiring to raise points of order must first obtain the Chairperson’s permission to do so.


The first proposition on any particular subject shall be known as the Original Motion, and all succeeding propositions on that subject shall be called amendments. Every motion or amendment must be moved and seconded by members actually present at the meeting before they can be discussed. It is permissible for a member to make his or her speech first and conclude with a motion. When an amendment is moved to an Original Motion no further amendment shall be discussed until the first amendment is disposed of. (Notice of any further amendment must be given before the first amendment is put to the vote).