Why Metro Dart is better than Metro Link (No Costly Underground)

The principle of movement is direct. Roads are most important route of travel, they have more than one option, to deal with accidents, holdups, or delays. Car, most attractive use of travel. Principles of public transport usage are 1. Suit users. 2. Put vehicles where needed 3. Balance transport. It is essential for public transport in high usage areas to have more than 1 options. Principle for change when better options become available. 

Airport is one such place, massive people movement around the clock and for workers. Metro Dart meets these requirements. It has two rail options from Dublin Airport to the city centre, if one rail line is out of order for any reason, the other is available. Newton Transport Plan is based on an orbital system to take users direct to destination and reduce car movements. If one route direction is blocked, they have another option.

As the car is so attractive, public transport must be designed, to be as good, or as close as possible to the convenience of car, this is the main aim of the Newton Transport Plan. Two options with Metro Dart from Dublin Airport.1. A new direct rail line from Dublin Airport to city centre. 2. Second line via Swords and Malahide Dart line to city centre. No extra cost in providing the second line. Metro Link has only one line to the city centre. Metro Dart has many other options/benefits. Provides direct access to Dublin Airport from any area in Ireland that has a rail station, both North and South. It provides direct rail access from any part of Ireland to any area around Dublin and other areas that have rail. Provides direct rail access for country people in Dublin and Dubliners, to access countryside. it provides local access, users from Ballymun or Swords can go directly to Skerries, Malahide, or any area in Ireland with rail access, without going via city centre. Metro Dart provides universal direct travel to all areas with rail.        Metro Link. With its great system, users from Swords or Ballymun who wants to go to Skerries or to areas on Malahide line, must go into the city first to take a train back out. With Metro Dart there is no need to demolish, houses, apartments, or buildings. There is no need to take users into the city centre unnecessary. New station design makes Metro Dart even more effective with island platforms ideal for changing. Very important for users with a disability, people with children, with baggage and for Airport access. It makes journey time quicker, reduces delays and makes rail use very attractive. It aids M50 Dart and Motorway rail. With Metro Dart train numbers on Dundalk line can treble. Metro Dart route. Build section of rail to link network from Donabate junction on Belfast line to Glasnevin junction via Swords on centre median of R 132 (got permission in 2009 for Metro North) Dublin Airport and Ballymun, short section of just a mile underground.  Alternative way if underground is to be avoided. Direct access is essential to an airport.Climate Change. Metro Dart is designed to link whole rail network in Ireland directly, to reduce car movements and make rail public transport attractive and as good as a car. Rail Gauge, standard rail gauge, for linking whole rail network. takes users directly to destination, avoids main flaw in public transport all via city centre. Metro Link (different rail gauge) facilitates users near centre that have good public transport. If wrong gauge is used to Airport, it will never be changed. All Ireland loses out Cost, Metro Dart, 2 billion euro. Metro Link 9.5 to 11.7 billion euro (official projections). Metro Dart 5 times less costly, covers 10 times a wider area, completed in half the time.